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How to get a copy of the map

Maps are in color, printed on good quality stock, suitable for use as posters. Dimensions of the map are: 24 x 36 inch. Environmental Defense is handling orders for the printed version of the map.

Please note that the hard-copy versions of the map do not contain the recently added map points (points 90 - 156).

To order the 24 x 36 inch map poster by mail please complete the form below and send a check payable to the "Environmental Defense" to:
     Environmental Defense
     Publications/Climate Map
     1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW
     Washington, DC 20009

To order the 24 x 36 inch map poster by phone call 1-800-684-3322.

You can also Download simplified version of the map in MS PowerPoint (215 KB). This slide is a simplified version of the 24 x 36 inch poster map.

Map Order Form

To order you will need to provide the information requested on this form. You can fill out this form and print it out to include with your mail order, or to have available as a reference when making a phone order (note that the online ordering option does not let you order more than one map at a time or specify packaging method). Bolded information is required for your order to be processed.



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